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Is your roof leaking? Are you finding shingles on the ground? You can get roof repairs from Solotzo Roofing in Frisco, TX to solve any roofing issues you might be facing. Our local roofer will examine your roof and fix it as quickly as possible so that you can avoid any further damage or inconvenience.

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3 common causes of roof damage

You might be wondering how your roof became damaged in the first place. Common causes of roof damage include:

  1. Walking on the roof - this can cause holes or shingle damages
  2. Neglect - roofs will deteriorate over time without routine maintenance
  3. Extreme heat - high temperatures can take a toll on roofing materials
Regardless of the cause of the damage, you can trust us to perform high-quality roof repairs to fix it quickly. Call us now at 972-207-6990 to get a free estimate on roofing services.